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Navigating Your Path to Parenthood

A six-week one-on-one coaching program

that will help you embrace and navigate your journey to parenthood

A new approach to Infertility!

in a profound way you never thought possible.

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How is infertility helping you be a better partner?

How will infertility help you be a better parent?

How does infertility help you recognize your true self?

Do you believe that where you fail over and over you actually succeed?

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What can infertility give us that we choose NOT to see?

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Ready to revisit the way you look at infertility

Ready to get the most out of your current reality?

Join us and learn to embrace

and accept your path to parenthood.

See the path to parenthood in a

whole new way!

Here to empower you as you navigate your path to parenthood


Fertility Coaching

A set of questions that help you determine if you want a Fertility Coach

Fertility Blog

Your source for inspiration as you navigate your path to parenthood


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What they are saying about us

I have often gotten lost on my path to fertility, but am lucky to have Dania Sander help me navigate every fork and apparent obstacle in the road.  In doing so, she has helped keep me calm, centered and hopeful.  I am extremely grateful for her guidance and support and would strongly recommend her to anyone dealing with infertility.


It is such a pleasure working with you. You are truly doing your life’s work. The Buddhists have a wonderful saying…”right livelihood” and that is what you are doing. You are contributing to the goodness in the world. I am so glad we found each other!

Susan M.Financial Executive

Over just a few months, Dania helped me break through mental obstacles with ease and grace.  Not only did she guide me to achieve my goal, she gave me lasting tools to keep growing and to envision positive things in many different aspects of my life.  Her technique offered me just the right blend of imagination and accountability.

Alison H.Actress, Author and Film director

Before we started to work together my brain was like a ball of yarn. You have helped me sort out my thinking and I am not tangled anymore. I am amazed and grateful.


Dania is a great catalyst for personal growth, with a highly developed ability to listen creatively, powerfully and with a sense of humor.

Janine SchindlerExecutive Coach
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